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Special Cutting Machine


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Special Cutting Machine for Notch of Impact Specimen

Model: L71-UV(electrically)/LS71-UV(Manually)



Main applications:

This machine is designed for providing the specimens used in the impact testing tasks.
It can cut notch manually or electrically, which according to the national standard GB/T229-1994 (ISO148-1998) "Charpy notch Impact Test Method for metal material" on the specimen for only one time.




high precision, long life, low noise and concise appearance etc.





  • Notch types: V type, U type 2mm notch manually or electrically
  • Size of Specimen:10mm x 10mm x 55mm
  • Displacement of cutting edge: 330mm
  • Cutting speed: 2.6m/Min (for L71-UV only)
  • Dim: 460mm x 610mm x 1400mm
  • Weight:100kg



U/V Notch Image Projection Machine for Impact specimen.



This machine is used for sample preparation tasks which conform to GB/T229-1994 (ISO148-1998) "Charpy notch Impact Test Method for metal material"
The shadow image of V/U notch is enlarged 50 times and is projected to the screen on the above; operators can easily check out whether samples are proper or not.





  • Projection screen: Dia. 180mm
  • Sample platform:Square: 100mm x 125mm
  • Circle: Dia. 90mm
  • Platform displace: horizontal
  • axes X:±10mm
  • axes Y:±10mm
  • Vertical Axes Z:12mm
  • Revolve 0~360 degree
  • Light:12V 100W (tungsten)
  • Dimension:515mm x 224mm x 603mm
  • Weight: 18kg